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Component-oriented UI framework for Unity

Delight is an open source component-oriented framework for Unity, mainly centered around creating user-interface components that can easily be extended, combined and shared using a text based declarative design language (similar to HTML).

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Quick Start

  1. Import the latest Delight unity package into your Unity project.

  2. Create a new scene by right-clicking in your project hierarchy and choosing:

    Create -> Delight Scene.

    Press enter and open the newly created NewScene.xml XML file and edit it so it contains the following content:


    <NewScene xmlns="Delight" 
              xsi:schemaLocation="Delight ../Delight.xsd">
        <Label Text="Awesome!" />
  3. Open the Unity scene NewScene.unity that has been created in the same folder and run the scene.

Congratulations, you’ve created your first scene in Delight :).

Check out the Tutorials and get started creating some awesome UI components.